Yuyu Rau


Yuyu speaks fluent English, Chinese Mandarin and Taiwanese. She trained in ballet, contemporary dance, Chinese martial arts and classical Chinese dance in Taiwan before moving to the UK in 2006, where she then obtained an MA: Performing Arts at Chichester University in 2009.

As an actress, Yuyu was invited to perform "Who am I" at the TED Talk 2013 and has since worked for National Theatre and Royal Court. Yuyu has also starred in the BBC drama One Child and the sitcom Chinese Burn.

Furthering her career as a performance artist, Yuyu has worked with a plethora of leading UK choreographers and companies including Wayne McGregor, Luca Silvestrini’s Protein, Javier De Frutos, Lucy Guerin, Jean Abreu and Clod Ensemble.

“When I first moved to the UK, I had a massive suitcase, a smaller suitcase, a rucksack, a laptop case bag and finally a shoulder bag with a rice cooker inside. As everything was so expensive to me at that time, I didn't order a taxi but walked from the station to the school accommodation which was about 20 minutes walk - when you travel light. So basically I was using every part of my body to carry and push everything. Eventually I made it! It happened quite few times during my first few years in the UK, just me carrying all my belongings on the bus or using a supermarket trolley to move between houses. Looking back, I must have looked crazy.”